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This didactic kit is prepared in the framework of the AMIF project titled “SAFE HOUSES-Support and Assistance before the Exploitation in HostingcoUntriesof third country national victims of trafficking for SexualpurposeS”.

The project intervenes in transit migration areas to support the integration of women and girls who are third-country nationals (TCNs) and are victims of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation.The project strengthens the capacities of civil society, local authorities, law enforcement agencies, and other supporting organizations in Sicily (Italy), Cyprus, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (France), Madrid (Spain).

A first axis of intervention of the project is in fact directed to enhance the capacities of the above-mentioned stakeholders in providing appropriate assistance and support to women and girls who are TCNs as soon as there are reasonable grounds to believe that they are victims of trafficking.

A second component of the projectstrengthens the capacities of social workers and professionals working in shelters and reception centres for refugees, asylum seekers, UAM and THB victims in adopting victim-centred approaches which guarantee gender-specific and child sensitive assistance and support measures and take into account specific needs of the victims.

Finally,the projectfosters the exchange of experiences and good practices related to thegroundworkfor integrating women and girls who are victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation taking into account the perspective of the victims, their empowerment and self-determination.The action applies Participatory methodologies and a victim-centred approach, which have been integrated in the preparation work leading to the formulation of the present guide.

You can find the Didactic tool below.