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Cyprus Refugee Council (CyRC) – Request for Legal Services

Cyprus Refugee Council (CyRC) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that works closely with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Country Office in Cyprus.

Within the scope of a UNHCR-funded project, the CyRC is seeking to contract legal services provided by a registered lawyer and/or Law Firm for cases related to asylum seekers and refugees.

Please note that the following criteria will be taken into consideration for the selection of the service provider:

  1. Strong expertise on Human Rights, Refugee Law and Administrative Law including EU and national Law;
  2. Ability to provide legal representation throughout the asylum procedures and before the Supreme Court, Administrative Court, the Administrative Court of International Protection and other national courts;
  3. Ability to provide legal services including revision of case-law, legal research, drafting of legal submissions, legal advocacy reports;
  4. Ability to provide legal counseling in detention centers and reception centers;
  5. Capacity to provide tracking of cases/administration support;
  6. Capacity and availability to communicate and work on a daily basis closely with the CyRC legal team;
  7. Ability to document and report on all services provided in line with reporting requirements as determined;
  8. Requested fees for services offered for a period of 1 year
  9. Self declaration confirming that the service provider has never been subject to sanctions (disciplinary, administrative or criminal) arising from an investigation in relation to SEA, or left employment pending investigation and refused to cooperate in such an investigation.

Tenders will be examined on both expertise and the financial quotation.

 Tenders must include evidence of all criteria listed above and quotation for the provision of services for one (1) year with the possibility of renewal upon review.

 Deadline for submission of offers: 4/12/2020Offers that fulfill requested criteria will be examined on both expertise and quotation.

Please send tenders to

For any information please contact the Cyprus Refugee Council at 22205959