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Open Call for Tenders – Custom Customer Management Database

Introduction and Functional Requirements 

Cyprus Refugee Council (CyRC) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that strives to safeguard, support and advocate for the rights of vulnerable groups in Cyprus, promoting their effective integration into the host society.  

CyRC provides a broad range of services to Persons of Concern (PoCs) using an interdisciplinary approach, where professionals of a diverse background provide holistic solutions to individuals and families, both in-house and in the community. To effectively respond to the needs of our beneficiaries and conduct our activities, we have identified an increasing need to expand our data collection and processing capacity. For that, a tailor-made database is required, addressing the operational needs of CyRC.  

The Database would need to:  

  • Be accessible online both through the organizations’ premises and remotely (via laptop/mobile devices), to accommodate for the services offered out of the office, in the community and/or the Reception and Detention Centers. 
  • Be able to collect, process and analyze large strings of information, for every beneficiary of the organization. 
  • Be able to record and handle information with as much uniformity as possible, so that input errors are eliminated (data validation and verification), whilst improving the quality and consistency of the information.  
  • Ensure high security levels, allowing for tiered access of users and be able to strengthen internal controls.  
  • Be able to perform operating functions between certain variables and handle data to avoid duplication of entries. 
  • Be able to allow multiuser simultaneous use and access and coordinate the information and actions efficiently. 
  • Be able to produce out-of-the box and customisable statistical reports by aggregating, breaking down and correlating the available information, in a simple and effective manner.  
  • Act as a central golden source of information, to ensure every user has access to the same up-to-date information at any given point. 
  • Ensure concurrency control is in place to manage simultaneous access to a database. It should prevent two users from editing the same record at the same time and serialize transactions for backup and recovery. 
  • Enable fast access to data through customizable search fields to ensure the most relevant data is returned to the user. 
  • Further increase our organisation’s ability to ensure compliance with data protection laws e.g., GDPR 

Technical Requirements 

Client profile  The database needs to be able to collect client information, based on predefined fields (a full list of variables can be provided upon request) Each client will have a unique number  Support inter-client relationships (for example show connections between family members which have been entered at various times as different clients and be able to unite that information on new client files. Upload documents  Record actions performed by different users  Produce reporting on actions recorded and demographic info of clients  
Employee (USER)  All employees of CyRC to have access to the database simultaneously with (unique user access codes). Each employee will have their own profile card with personal information as well as assigned projects, tasks linked with each client.  Different tiers of users to be set up (managers, officers, interns etc.)  To be able to assign tasks (actions) related to specific clients  To be able to edit/ add new client and/ or task (action)  To be able to filter search whole database  Min. 35 Users 
Data validation  To record and handle information with as much uniformity as possible, so that input errors are eliminated (data validation and verification), whilst improving the quality and consistency of the information 
Storage To comply with GDPR
Minimum 20 GB 
Reporting To be able to produce reporting based on data collected Be able to export all or filtered sections of the variables in excel sheets. 
Internal Controls To enhance transparency and internal controls, the database should be able to implement a Request/ Approval flow of financial procedures among employees of different tiers 
Maintenance and support  Maintenance and support to be provided for minimum of 2 years (system maintenance, edit/add fields when necessary) Training of designated employee (user) to act as administrator for basic user admin requirements  
Backup Ensure operational recovery through well-defined backup and recovery procedures to protect against data loss. 
Hosting Describe hosting options for both on-premises and cloud environments. Please note that we have Microsoft 365 non-profit licenses and can leverage Microsoft Azure for hosting purposes.  
Training Training of end users on how to create/delete/modify records, create customised reports, search and any other basic functionality offered by the system. 
Access, Authentication & Authorisation Users should be authenticated with SSO if possible, using their Windows credentials.  Authorisation, roles/responsibilities should be available to be defined and managed by the administrators. At minimum access rights should enable a user to have view-only, edit rights, with ability to define which database tables each user can have access to (tiered access). Master admin user, to add/remove users/fields/reports, delete data  Users should be able to access the database remotely (via laptop/mobile devices)  

Phases of implementation:  

  • First Phase: Preparation and Kick-off (Requirements gathering, business case definition, etc.) 
  • Second Phase: Initial Technical Development (Database Structure/ frame, User functionality and permissions) and review process – Development testing round 1  
  • Third Phase: Further Technical Development (all sections and functions operational), reviewing and Troubleshooting/ input of test data- User Acceptance/ QA testing round 2 
  • Fourth Phase: Training of CyRC Staff in admin roles, transferring of CyRC Data on Database, Database goes live 

Maintenance and support for the Database will be provided beyond the completion of the database.  

Administrative and Tender submission details:  

Interested parties must submit their tender in English by the 17th 22nd of July 2022 (17:00 local time). The tenders must be submitted, either; 

  • via email to,  
  • via post or hand-delivery to Cy.R.C. Cyprus Refugee Council, Stasandrou 9, Flat 401, 1060 Nicosia.  

The tender must include both technical and financial aspects in separate documents or folders in case of submission via post or hand-delivery. Relevant experience developing such databases for service based/humanitarian/Non-profit organisations, will be considered an advantage. The subject of the email or on the envelope should be “Tender for the Development of custom Customer Management Database for CyRC”.  

In the financial aspects, please make sure to include any costs related to hosting, design and development, maintenance, and support.  

Accompanying the tender, interested parties (individuals or companies) need to complete and attach the CyRC Vendor Registration Form (here).  

Incomplete tenders or those not adhering with the above instructions of submission will not be accepted. Late submission will lead to rejection of the tender.  

The party selected will sign an agreement for implementation and maintenance.  


Launch of Open Call for Tenders:1st July 2022
Deadline for clarifications:12th July 2022
Deadline for submission:17th 22nd July 2022 (17:00 local time)
Notification of award:     19th 25th July 2022
Preparation and Agreement Signature:26th July 2022
Commencement of Activities:26th July 2022
Completion of activities:Mid- December 2022

Questions and Answers:  

Any clarifying questions may be sent via e-mail to No individual replies will be given to any submitted questions, to ensure equal treatment of all applicants. Questions and answers will be published below this announcement. It is therefore advisable to consult the website regularly. The deadline for submitting questions is the 12th of July 2022.  

This announcement was published on July 1st 2022. Updated July 4th 2022.This announcement was last updated 19th of July 2022, extending the deadline of submission.