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Cyprus Refugee Council – Overview 2023

Mission: The Cyprus Refugee Council (CyRC) strives to safeguard, support and advocate for the rights of vulnerable groups in Cyprus, promoting their effective integration into the host society. Focusing on refugees, asylum seekers, detainees, trafficking victims and survivors of torture, CyRC works closely with the local society in order to provide quality services at the individual, community and policy level.

Multidisciplinary and victim centered approach – We follow a multidisciplinary and victim centered approach, which includes assessing the individual needs and prospects of each person and each family member, ensuring they are well informed, treated with dignity, at the centre of all decision-making, encouraging ownership of any decision and promoting self-reliance.

What We Do:

Each year we provide free legal, psychosocial and integration support to over 3000 asylum seekers and refugees in Cyprus, ensuring their access to rights and promoting effective integration into the host society.

  • Legal Advice: CyRC is the main and systematic provider of free legal assistance on asylum issues in Cyprus. Our legal team provides legal advice and assistance on all stages of the asylum procedures in Cyprus, including cases in detention or at risk of detention.

In 2023 over 500 persons received legal advice or support.

  • Social Advice: We provide information and assistance to asylum seekers and refugees to access the social rights including access to the labour market, labour office services, education, healthcare and social welfare benefits.

In 2023 over 1000 persons received guidance to access their social rights.

  • Psychological Advice and Support: Our team of psychologists have extensive experience in treating trauma and provide emergency support, vulnerability and needs assessments, crisis interventions, individual psychotherapy and group work. We work closely with survivors of gender based violence, survivors of torture and members of LGBTIQ+ communities.

In 2023 over 100 persons received psychological support.

  • Integration – We collaborate with public and private actors to facilitate social integration of refugees. We work closely with the refugee communities providing information and counselling on accessing vocational, educational and labour opportunities, as well as various social rights.

Through our online platform helprefugeeswork we promote labour integration by connecting refugees with employers and trainers.

Since its launch helprefugeeswork has registered over 1000 refugees and 270 employers.

  • Advocacy – We advocate for a fair and inclusive society that offers protection and support for all utilizing the information and experiences from our daily interaction with refugees and the challenges they face.

In 2023 we addressed issues such as access to child benefit for refugees, access to unemployment benefit for asylum seekers, access to freedom for persons in detention, access to fair and effective asylum procedures and access to family reunification. 

  • Publications – As one of the main and systematic providers of free legal and social assistance on asylum issues we are considered by local and International/EU organisations as a credible and reliable source of information and for this reason we have been entrusted with the annual AIDA report on Cyprus published ECRE and the Cyprus Report on statelessness, published by ENS.
  • Training & Capacity Building: Our experienced staff provided training to other organizations in subjects relating to:
  • Legal procedures of the asylum
  • Vulnerability assessment of asylum seekers
  • Risk assessment
  • Self-care
  • Case management
  • Administrative and financial procedures for non-profit entities.

For more information on the work we do and ways to support us, visit: