CoronaVirus COVID-19: New Measures to contain the spread in Cyprus (Key Points translated in EN, FR, SO, AR)

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CoronaVirus COVID-19: New Measures to contain the spread in Cyprus (Key Points translated in EN, FR, SO, AR)

On Monday night, 23rd March, the President Nicos Anastasiades, announced new measures to contain the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19. 

The following measures were announced: 

1.  Ban on unnecessary movement from 06.00 PM of March 24, 2020 until April 13, 2020, except:

  • Transfer to and from the workplace.
  • Transfer for the purposes of supplies of basic necessities from businesses or shops whose operation is allowed and given that shipping is not possible.
  • Visit to doctor or transit to a pharmacy.
  • Visit to a bank if electronic transactions are not possible.
  • Transit with the purpose to aid fellow citizens who cannot look after themselves or to groups of people who must be protected, or who are in self-isolation and/or in premises of compulsory isolation (quarantine).
  • First and second degree relatives going to ceremonies, such as funerals, weddings and christenings, not exceeding ten people.
  • Transit for physical exercise or for the needs of a pet, provided they are not more than two people and they remain limited in areas adjacent to their residence.

Under all circumstances, all persons moving about must carry identification and additional proof as to the purpose of their movement. Further details and the way of control will be announced tomorrow.

2. Furthermore, as of 6 p.m. of the 24th of March 2020 until the 13th of April 2020, the following places will also be closed:

  • Parks.
  • Playgrounds.
  • Open-air sport spaces.
  • Public gathering areas, among others, squares, dams, excursion sites, beaches, marinas.

3. All retailers shall suspend their operations, except from the businesses that will be included in a relevant Decree that will be issued within the day by the Minister of Health.

4. Open markets, bazaars and itinerant sales are prohibited.

5. Work on construction sites shall be terminated, except construction works relating to public utility projects and subject to the relevant permission from the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works.

6. It is prohibited for citizens to attend places of religious worship, such as churches, mosques and other places for prayer.

7. Prohibition of the custom of “lighting a bonfire” with immediate removal of timber or other materials already assembled for this purpose. The responsibility for implementing this ban lies with the local authorities in cooperation with the police.

KEY POINTS of new measures in English, French, Somali and Arabic


According to the new governmental measures, to limit the spread of Coronovirus COVID-19, valid from 6PM today March 24th, 2020 all unnecessary movement is banned until April 13th, 2020.

You are ONLY allowed to be out if you are:

  • going/coming back to/from work (if your work remains open),
  • go to shops or supermarket for supplies,
  • go to bank,
  • visit the doctor or pharmacy, -or to visit family who cannot take care of themselves (see full list).


  • Open Markers and bazaars are not allowed,
  • going to churches, mosques and other places of prayer is not allowed,
  • parks, playgrounds, open-air sport spaces, public gathering areas, among others, squares, dams, excursion sites, beaches, marinas ARE CLOSED.

All persons moving about must carry identification and additional proof as to the purpose of their movement.


D’après les nouvelles mesures gouvernementales pour limiter la propagation du coronavirus COVID-19, tout déplacement non-essentiel est interdit à partir de 18 heures aujourd’hui 24 mars 2020 et jusqu’au 13 avril 2020. 

Vous êtes SEULEMENT autorisé(e) à sortir pour:

  • aller et revenir de votre lieu de travail (si votre lieu de travail reste ouvert) 
  • aller dans des magasins ou supermarchés pour des achats alimentaires
  • aller à la banque
  • aller chez le médecin ou à la pharmacie
  • ou pour rendre visite à des membres de votre famille qui ne peuvent pas prendre soin d’eux-mêmes (voir la liste complète).

De plus,

  • les marchés ouverts et les bazars ne sont pas permis,
  • se rendre à l’église, à la mosquée ou dans tout autre lieu de prière n’est pas autorisé,
  • les parcs, terrains de jeu, coins sportifs de plein-air, lieux de regroupements publics tels que les squares, réservoirs, sites de randonnée, plages et marinas sont FERMES

Les individus en déplacement doivent se munir de leur pièce d’identité ainsi que d’une dérogation qui explique le but de leur déplacement.


Sida ku xusan talaabooyinka cusub ee dowladda, si loo xaddido faafitaanka Coronovirus COVID-19, oo ansax ah laga bilaabo 6PM maanta oo ah Maarso 24-keeda, 2020 dhammaan dhaqdhaqaaqyada aan loo baahnayn waa la mamnuucay illaa Abriil 13-keeda, 2020.

Waxaa KELIYA laguu oggol yahay inaad ka baxdo haddii aad:

  • u-noqoshada / ku laabashada / ka noqoshada shaqada (haddii shaqadaadu weli furan tahay),
  • u aado dukaamada ama dukaamada waaweyn ee alaabada,
  • inad ado banki,
  • u tag dhakhtarka ama farmashiiyaha,
  • ama soo booqda qoys aan is daryeeli karin (eeg liiska buuxa).

Sidoo kale,

  • Calaamado Furan iyo Bacaha lama ogola,
  • tagista kaniisadaha, masaajidada iyo meelaha kale ee lagu tukado lama oggola,
  • bakinada, garoomada ciyaarta, garoonnada hawada furan, meelaha dadku isugu yimaado, iyo kuwa kale, labajibaarayaasha, biyo-xireyaasha, meelaha dalxiiska, xeebaha, marinnada WAA xiran yahay.

Dhammaan dadka socanayo waa inay wataan aqoonsi iyo caddeyn dheeri ah ujeeddada dhaqdhaqaaqyadooda.


وفقًا للتدابير الحكومية الجديدة ، للحد من انتشار فيروس كورونا كوفيد 19 ، ساري المفعول من الساعة 6 مساءً اليوم 24 مارس ، 2020 ، تم حظر جميع الحركة غير الضرورية حتى 13 أبريل 2020.
يُسمح لك فقط بالخروج إذا كنت:
 الذهاب / العودة إلى / من العمل( إذا كان مكان عملك مفتوحًا)
الذهاب إلى المتاجر أو السوبر ماركت للمؤن-
الذهاب للمصرف
زيارة دكتور او الذهاب للصيدلية
أو لزيارة الأسرة التي لا تستطيع الاعتناء بأنفسها انظر( القائمة الكاملة)
الأسواق المفتوحة والبازارات غير مسموح بها
لا يسمح بالذهاب إلى الكنائس والمساجد وأماكن الصلاة الأخرى
الحدائق ، الملاعب ، المساحات الرياضية في الهواء الطلق ، مناطق التجمع العام ، من بين أمور أخرى ، الساحات ، السدود ، مواقع الرحلات ، الشواطئ ، المراسي مغلقة

يجب على جميع الأشخاص الذين يتنقلون أن يحملوا إثبات هوية وإثباتًا إضافيًا للغرض من حركتهم.