Adapting our services to support our beneficiaries (in view of COVID-19)

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Adapting our services to support our beneficiaries (in view of COVID-19)

During these difficult times we are doing our utmost to continue to support all our beneficiaries by providing services and vital information. For this purpose, we have adapted the mode in which we operate and are now providing all services by utilizing telephone, online apps, video calls as well as social media platforms. Furthermore, we are in daily communication with governmental departments and other relevant services to provide accurate information and mediate between our beneficiaries and such services.

Legal Advice: Our legal team continues to provide legal advice and assistance on all stages of the asylum procedures in Cyprus, including cases in detention or at risk of detention.

Social Advice: We provide information and assistance regarding social welfare benefits, labour office services, GMI, healthcare. We bring into contact unemployed persons with companies in need of staff and we provide information and advice on accessing benefits for persons who were employed, or self-employed.

Psychological Advice and Support: Our team of psychologists are available to provide advice and information as well as individual counseling, to current beneficiaries or anyone needing support via phone, whatsapp, viber or skype.  An interpreter is provided when needed.  

Information and Awareness: We are trying to keep you up to date with all developments in regard to Covid-19 but also developments on asylum and migrations issues in Cyprus and the EU by publishing and sharing credible and accurate information.

Our cultural mediators are translating important information as it is published by the authorities in Arabic, French, Somali, Kurdish (Sorani) and English.

Support to contact the authorities in case of Covid-19 symptoms: If you think you have symptoms and cannot speak Greek we can contact the helpline 1420 on your behalf.

Please find all out relevant CoronaVirus/COVID-19 Announcements here:

For support or any additional information please contact us at 22205959. You can also CALL or TEXT via WhatsApp or Viber on the phones 9776732999668709.

For Arabic CALL/TEXT 9661734196360787
For French CALL/TEXT 9966724496360787