The Team

The Team

Our team is made up of dedicated professional with extensive experience working directly with refugees, asylum seekers, detainees, trafficking victims and survivors of torture.

Tonia Loizidou

Director of CyRC
Clinical Psychologist

Corina Drousiotou

Project Coordinator
Senior Legal Advisor

Manos Mathioudakis

Senior Integration Officer

Desiree Birinci

Project Officer

Kevin Burger

Project Assistant

Paul Drousiotis

Administration Officer

Lucy Constantinou

Admin/ Finance Officer

Melani Zinonos

Clinical Psychologist

Kasia Evripidou

Project Officer

George Anastasiou

Social Advisor

Mazen Beshtawe

Cultural Mediator/ Interpreter

Annelise Sparsis

Social Advisor

Maria Benta

Social Advisor

Stavros Stavrou

Integration Advisor

Eleni Psoma

Legal Advisor

Kristina Markou

Legal Advisor

Valeria Guilbeault

Cultural Mediator/Interpreter

Manuela Borni

Roving Psychosocial Advisor

Stephanie Athanasiou

Social Advisor

Evangelia Petrikkou

Counseling Psychologist